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Previously on DGW . . .

In a blink of an eye, the entire landscape of DGW suddenly changed. Vince McMahon the CEO of DGW shocked the world when he turned against his own company and helped WCW leader Big Daddy G regain the World Heavyweight Belt by defeating Nay-Bob and Adam Mayhem in a Triple Threat TLC match at Uprising.  Why Vince would betray the company he helped to build is a mystery.

Yet another mystery is the identity of the masked Black Scorpion.  A previous incarnation of the masked figure turned out to be KLIQ leader Adam Mayhem, but recent events have proved that this new masked man is someone new especially at Uprising when the Black Scorpion took out the KLIQ costing Adam Mayhem the match.  Without hesitation, the Black Scorpion has laid out members of both WCW and the KLIQ.  Although it appears that he has aligned himself with DGW, his identity is still unknown as well as his motives.

Speaking of the KLIQ, The Outsiders regained their tag team belts with the help of Chris Jericho and Christian, costing The Disciples

(Ice/O'Haire) their title shot.  HBK, however, wasn't as lucky as he was defeated by Chris Benoit after the Big Show interfered in the match taking out both HBK and The Manic. 

Triple H shocked everyone when he came out to take out Cactus Jack after his grueling match with the East Side Mangler.  Although Mangler lost his war with the returning hardcore legend, his presence was felt at Uprising and will have repercussions for years to come as the Big Dirty Bastard, with the help of the Unholy Alliance, took out three of the biggest names in the industry:  Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Goldberg.  Stone Cold's injuries look to be severe and permanent, while Goldberg and The Rock's should heel with time.  All three men are on the injured list and not expected to make their returns anytime in the near future, if at all.

The Undertaker made his long awaited return from the dark side to the ring to take on Grand Master B.  Things went completely out of control as both the Unholy Alliance and The Ministry interfered in the match. Kane was brutally unmasked by Big Daddy G distracting Taker allowing GMB to get the pin.  However, this turned out to be a bad thing for GMB as he was crucified on the Undertaker's symbol. 

And speaking of "unholy" things, Samantha Dorris' Hustler spread debuted at Uprising much to the shock of the religious community and women's right's groups around the world.  These "don't call me a chick" chick's have began boycotting DGW.  In an unrelated note, increased Internet searches for the Grand Canyon have been surfacing.

With the state of DGW in total chaos, it is rumored that Vince McMahon will make a historic announcement at the beginning of the last Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth Raw Is Smackdown.  Will DGW survive?  Will Nay-Bob demand a rematch?  Why did the Unholy Alliance turn on The Rock? What will the Undertaker do next?  How will the KLIQ react to the McMahon/Bischoff alliance?  Will the Black Scorpion be revealed?  Find out on the next ...

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