• DGW Season 4???

    We’re baaaaaaaaaack . . .well ok almost. There have been many rumors stating that DGW is over, and we’ll let me first say that’s not the case.  We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, DGW is one of many hobbies we have and life just simply has delayed the website the past couple of months.  First off, the real life Nay-Bob became a father and Adam Mayhem got engaged!  Another big change is that I got a new promotion at my job and while I love it, it also takes away from precious DGW writing time between Mayhem and myself.  So, long story short, one of the (if not THE) main reason why DGW went on another hiatus is that it’s been almost 3 months since Mayhem, Grand Master B, Nay-Bob and the East Side Mangler have been able to get together for a PPV and have a DGW PPV!  Now we could “wing it” without meeting, but that takes the fun away from it in my opinion.  We honestly don’t know who is going to be a champion UNTIL we play the PPV matches. 
  • Now that things are settling down, we have to re-evaluate DGW and then it hit me . . . SEASONS!  The WWE never takes a break . . . and it shows in their current storylines.  With DGW on the other hand we’re happy to announce that we are working on the next (and last SD4) Raw Is Smackdown AND our last SD4 PPV . . . War Games.

    So once again thanks for sticking with us!!  We sincerely appreciate each and every fan and the support you’ve shown to our website the past 3 years.  If we still we’re getting hits, trust me we wouldn’t be doing this!


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