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Why in the blue hell are you visiting this site?  Dear God are you really that bored.  Well, obviously I was :)

So, just what in the hell is this site?  This site is dedicated to the greatest video game ever created . . .WWE’s Smackdown games for Playstation 2.  (if you don’t own it . . . what’s wrong with you!)  Anyway, this site was basically created for myself and a few friends who are addicted to this game.  Here is the storyline behind everything.

Back in 1995/1996, Adam and I began playing WWF’s Raw for Super Nintendo.  I use the term “play” loosely because we almost fluked out of college our first semester  . . and what a great semester it was.  We even named our wrestling league: WPWF-World Pathetic Wrestling Federation .  The WPWF included such legendary tag-teams:

The Sharp-Shooters – Bret and Owen Hart

2 Princes – Undertaker (Prince of Darkness) and Doink the Clown (Prince of Pranks)

Patriotic Flamboyants – Shawn Michaels and Lex Luger

Men in Black – Kevin Nash (Diesel) and the Undertaker

Anyway, fast-forward a couple of years.  We didn’t play much of anything, then a gamed called WWF Attitude came out with a new feature: CREATE A WRESTLER.  This is the game where we created characters based on our on appearance (sort of) and personality.  My 2 gimmicks were Pimp Daddy G (“Mr. Showtime”) and Big Daddy G.  Adam had way too many gimmicks to count including Adam Mayhem, GQ, Fuel (*snicker* . ..Fuel . ..what the hell were you thinking).  Other custom wrestlers included current stars in Dear God Wrestling such as Ice and Dante.

Oh how times have changed.  Six years ago we were young, immature, pathetic losers.  Now we are young . ..uhmmm….immature (somewhat) . .. we’re definitely still pathetic . . .but we score a lot.  Chicks dig us and stuff.

Oh and in case you’re wondering . . . the “Dear God” in Dear God Wrestling is in reference to good ol’ J.R. screaming DEAR GOD out about 100 times a broadcast . . . and we LOVE IT :)

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