DGW Fanatics

Probably the most commonly asked question we get is “How do I join?”  We are currently weighing all options how to include everyone in Dear God Wrestling; however, with only 1 extra memory slot it’s going to be hard.  As you can tell from reading this site, this is not the typical “e-fed” and I even hesitate to call it that.  So, in the meantime we have set up the Dear God Wrestling Fanatics section that will hopefully contain create-a-wresters that will eventually make their way into the game.  Please read our FAQ for more info on “joining”

Well, the fanatics submissions keep coming and coming and coming.  To make the Fanatics more interactive and flexible, I decided to move it offsite to a MSN Community.  This will allow Fanatics to not only submit their information, but to also do other things like Chat and add links.  This is also where we are going to post movies in the future.  So, if you are an existing Fanatic or you are new to the site, head on over and sign up on the new DGW Fanatics Page and http://communities.msn.com/DGWFanatics/dgwfanatics.msnw

(because of the time involved, and the lack of memory cards/slot, we don’t have the capabilites or time to create your wrestler for you.  maybe in time we can)